Monday, July 7, 2014

Children of the Gods :: #Review

Children of the Gods
By:: Darry Olsen

Publisher:: ASJ Publishing 

Pages:: 69
Price:: $6.99
ISBN:: 1499150687

About the Book::
Some codes are best left secret. 

What if I told you there existed a bible code. Not just any bible code but one capable of turning the Book of Genesis into the most technologically advanced epics ever told; would you believe me. Well thanks to one of the Cold War’s best kept secret, such a code does exist. 

The Talon Project is an original bible code discovered by the world’s best and foremost scientist. This unique code turns the Book of Genesis and other ancient creation stories into the most technologically advanced epic ever conceived. 

Not everybody is happy with the project going public. Will you believe in the code!

My Thoughts::

How would you feel, if you found out that their was a special code that was hidden in the Bible? Well, The Talon Project has found out that their is a unique code hidden in the Bible. This was a very fast book that I was able to read in just an hour, since it is just 69 pages. The Children of the Gods book was a thrilling book to read about a man named Micheal Cohen that is reporter that goes to Kentucky to get at hot story from a man that is Ex-Intelligence insider. However, Someone is watching in the shadows and does not want the findings from the Talon project to come out. So what will happen? Will the hidden code come out or will it stay hidden? 

I really enjoyed reading this quick read of a story about a hidden code that is in the bible. It really does make you think about the What if's in the world. While this is not a book that I would normally read in my spare time. I was really pleased with how the story was developed. I really would have however, liked the book to be longer since I do read chapter books.

FTC:: This post was written for CM Book Tours, who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.

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